Friday, December 23, 2005

A personality quiz

Not one of those "What kind of Water Fowl are you?" quizzez (Quizi?), though.

Assume you're using one of those RSS aggregatos such as, say, Bloglines. And assuming that instead of the usual bunch of stuff that appears in the main window, the site gives you this:

var siteList = new Array(); function SiteInfo( items, dir, iconDir ) { this.items = items; this.dir = dir; this.iconDir = iconDir; } function getElById(idVal) { if (document.getElementById != null) return document.getElementById(idVal) if (document.all != null) return document.all[idVal] alert("Problem getting element by id") return null } function feedError( errorCode ) {'/feederror?ErrorCode='+errorCode,'300x300',
directories=no,width=300,height=300'); } var agt = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var is_ie = (agt.indexOf('msie') != -1); var is_ie5 = (agt.indexOf('msie 5') != -1); /* * * send a GET behind the scenes to url * */ function SendRequest(url) { var xmlhttp = CreateXmlHttpReq(DummyHandler); ++uniqnum_counter; XmlHttpGET(xmlhttp, url + "&rand=" + uniqnum_counter); } function CreateXmlHttpReq(handler) { var xmlhttp = null; if (is_ie) { var control = (is_ie5) ? "Microsoft.XMLHTTP" : "Msxml2.XMLHTTP"; try { xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject(control); xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = handler; } catch(e) { alert("You need to enable active scripting and activeX controls"); } } else { xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.onload = handler; xmlhttp.onerror = handler; } return xmlhttp; } var uniqnum_counter = (new Date).getTime(); function DummyHandler() { } function

Do you:
A: Refresh the page
B: Start reading the JavaScript code
C: Start reading the code and try to find what went wrong
D: Copy the code to another text editor as well as the whole page's source and go over them both.

If you answered anything else than A, man, we need a life.


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