Friday, December 02, 2005


Something Awful just released their weekly Photoshop feature, and it's quite different from their usual collection of gags (usually in the form of patching a mock ad with a cool tag). This is a more "old-skool" kind of Photoshop feature, where they mesh-up two animals to create something which is either cute, or bizzare, or different. As result, half the images are a very ho-hum affair of pasting one animal head over the other. The others fall into the cool (like the elephish above) or the extremely emotionally disturbed.


At 03 December, 2005 20:14, Blogger Wicket said...

I'm a Worth 1000 fan myself.

At 06 December, 2005 16:06, Blogger Erez said...

I looked at it once, too "free-for-all" to my taste, and you need to register and buy something to view larger images... But of the things there are quite nice, I admit :)


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