Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Stuff your shirt down your site

Everyone's probably familiar with CafePress, the ole merchandising haven. The concept is so simple everyone goes "why didn't I think of it before I ripped them off and got sued off my arse". Actually, I doubt if there's any trade secrets there, and if there are, Amazon probably patented it long long time ago.
Anyway, the idea is as follows. You send them a couple of images/designs from your site (or whatever else you want to use), and they create a virtual line of products, e.g. shirts, coffee mugs, hats, mouse pads etc. using your images. The products are actually PODed (Printed On Demand) so there isn't any backstock or anything, and the store sets a minimum price for you. Everything above that, is your profit. (In a side note, just watched "DS9: Rules of acquisition" and if I hear the words "opportunity", "profit" or something Ferengi, I'll go postal.)

It appears there is a local (Israeli, look to the top right box of this site) site that attempts to recreate the concept here, called PrintMall. They are a bunch of very professional, very dedicated people, and after spending an hour in their office, I can tell you your site's worth(less) merchandise won't be in better hands than theirs. So if any Israeli guy (or girl, this is a free country) wishes to make some quick bucks, do with the clicking. And just to show you how non-Ferengi I can get, I'm not seeing anything from this.


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