Friday, January 13, 2006

Stuff of the day

Cool page of the day:
Saw this via Kotaku, a comparison of American and Japanese Xbox covers. Interesting comparisons, not exactly what you thought. Most people might be under the impression that either a: the Japanese get the better covers, or b: The Japanese get some dolled up "anime" style covers. In reality, it's neither, both, and something else completely.

Cool Visual Component of the day:
It's a VS.NET Windows Form component, so it's not exactly something I would even consider under pain of pain to attach the word "cool" or "recommended" to, but, all things considered, this mind-map component called TreeGX is really nice, if only it didn't belong to that cardinal sin called Visual Basic. For anyone interested in Mindmaps, I still find FreeMind to be the better, open source, free (as in an unlicensed beer) product. (Found this through the Secret Geek)

Cool Too Much Free Time project of the day:
The Brass Lantern links us to The Non-Comp Review Project 2005 is a compilation of reviews for every Interactive Fiction game released in 2005, which hasn't been part of the IFComp (the Interactive Fiction Competition).
To the uninitiated, Interactive Fiction is a genre also known as Text Adventure, the insanely brainy format that brought to us classics like A Mind Forever Voyaging and PlanetFall, as well as modern Gems like Spider and Web, So Far & All Roads, and, naturally, the usual overrated "classics".

Cool coincidence (?) of the day:
I was looking at the Geeks on Stun site which I RSS occasionally (meaning upon the occasion that they update the site) and when I got to this page, I found the following part:
"but for the spreading of FUN are bringing the best puzzle game of ALL TIME (Not including Lumines and Tetris Attack of course (And we just mean the Super Nintendo version, not Pokemon Puzzle League (But the Game Boy Color one was okay, we guess (Now, we really only DID played it this one time at a Waffle House with Mssrs. Amigarad and Turbeaux (Are we really using their online nicknames? (Or was that a Perkins? Can one of you refresh that memory? Send us an e-mail.))))))"
I mean, what? I know I haven't invented this, but it's not like, well, I don't know. Could be a case of great minds think alike, or that someone happened to pass by my humble blog and just lifted up the whole "multiple brackets" silliness... Oh well, I knew I should've patent it.

Speaking of which,
Cool patent of the day:
Microsoft somehow managed to patent FAT (File Allocation Table, Microsoft file system that preceded NTFS). This is not good. Not good at all. If this would mean that GNU/Linux OS wouldn't be able to read FAT partitions, I might have to completely delete windows from the harddrive. However, it appears that the fight is far from over.


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