Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tidbits and tidbytes

Actually not much computer related, to be honest

In a (sort of) response/rebuttal to the whole Mohammad Danish cartoons fiasco, "Dimona Comics" have announced an "Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest". One of the judges will be none other than the semi legendary Art Spiegelman, also known as the creator of Maus, one of comics' seminal masterpieces.

Ronald Moore, producer of the current incarnation of Battlestar Galactica (a.k.a. the gift that keeps on giving), said some stuff about the show, video games and whatever else he had on his mind.

I'm a fan of The Prisoner, no secret there, so here are scans of three "novelisations" and a Jack Kirby The Prisoner comics.

The above two links are courtesy of the Website at the End of the Universe, which also obituaries the passing away of Science Fiction writer Stanislav Lem.

Finally, some notes on how to finally get rid of that mind-numbing, productivity-stamping, over-rated, user-unfriendly computer peripheral, the mouse.


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