Tuesday, June 13, 2006

(Don't) Speak your mind

If anyone follows the latest XboX360 news, then the story about Microsoft marketing yokel, one Peter Moore claiming "Nobody cares about backwards compatibility" must have made some ripples in your personal pond.

Now, of course, no marketing yobo likes to disturb his customers' (the pay-through-the-nose crowd, as they are called), and so, lo and behold a clarification has surfaced:
A) He was misquoted, he said "No one is concerned" rather than "No one cares".
B) He meant "concerned" as in "worried"
C) He meant "worried" as in "We don't need to worry about it, as we reached our goals".

So, why am I interested in all this?
You see, marketing spokesmen are suppose to be the masters of dopplesprecht* and labyrinthian syntax, so it's rare to see one falters like this. For example, when trying to clarify his kerfuddle, Moore say "It's quite simply not that we don't care about backward compat." And grammar rules be damned. It's quite amazing to see how this type of cloaked lingo turned and byte its master. Here's to more of Moore and his All-Singing-All-Dancing repartee.

*I know that's not how you say "doublespeak" in German, get with the program


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