Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Links from the storm

As expected, here's the first flurry of frolicking links:

UK: Resistance tells it like it is: The Truth about Piracy. "Widespread piracy among the poor means they have more money to spend on alcohol and cigarettes, shaving up to 10 years from their life expectancy -- saving the taxpayer money in the long run."

Triple treat from Alice's Wonderland: An Online Shop that sells Chtulhu and Monty Python dolls, Mario graffiti, and, ahem, this:

ZELDA NO SHIGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

From Newsforge, A cure for the Slashdot effect. AKA the "w00T! We got linked on slashdo... Hey, it's your server host, they said their farm just went nuclear. Wiped out half of San Francisco" effect.

A triple from the Guardian's Techblog: Great article about how to ensure your Buzzwords are web 2.0 compatible.
Another great one about whether your office Santa is web 2.0 compatible. I think the biggest question is whether your 2.0 web project is 2.0 compatible. First on the list would probably be "What the hell IS web 2.0 anyway?" (Warning: long article (really long (about 5 pages (and long ones (with really small characters too (and small graphs (with even tinier characters (now I need to close all those brackets (I could really use a braces matcher on this one)))))))).
Indiana Jones being chased by a Katamary Damachi ball. You know, it sounded much less silly before I wrote it here. The image is very silly, of course.

And a double from I'm a Human Inbox: This excellent movie about a notepad. I would seriously suggest the sequel should be VI.
The Metroid Prime series presents: the Debug Beam. Everyone who knows me (All three of you), probably knows I'm a great Metroid Prime fan. And everyone who knows his Nintendo can tell you about all those "secret levels" when you use some weird bug in the game to get out of the level's boundaries, where the game actually stores the tiles in the memory. (More on that later).

That's all from this batch. 784 to go...


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