Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fallo la subestimacian su registro neto del libro que usa

(To anyone fluent in Spanish, the title was botched in purpose. It was Google-translated, but from a very garbled English original)

I've been using Bloglines as my RSS reader for a long time now, and up until now had almost zero complaints. Not only that, but every other similar solution I tried sent me back almost immediately. But, recently, I had encountered two interesting glitches. The first was a bit annoying, as it failed to count the actual number of new post in the C|net news feed, giving it as zero despite the actual number being around a hundred. Later, it failed to remove read posts from that feed. Only this morning did it report 125 new messages (about 115 of them I read already), and cleaned them, so that's one been solved.
The bigger, albeit less irritating and more odd-ish is the language issue. About a week ago, after I upgraded FireFox to 1.5, the Bloglines page would start with either Chinese or Japanese characters (can't really tell the difference). After the first page reload (which it does once I click on a feed), it sorted back to English. A couple of days ago, my work FireFox started showing the page in German, but also returned to English after the first reload.
Now it's in Spanish for almost two days, and apparently quite happy there, as it won't go back to English no matter what. My home computer show it in English, though.
I guess this is one way of opening people to other cultures.

In other news, Google Talk opened their protocol, which enables Google users to communicate directly with users of Linux IM client Gaim. As a happy Gaim user, this fills me with joy to no end.

(Update: Just like that, Bloglines returned to ye aulde English, wonders will never cease)


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