Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm gonna stop wastin' my time

I've recently made some comments about online RPGs, which, regardless of how true, they fail to catch the really important issue. Gold Farming. I'm hardly an expert on this, but from my understanding, these are groups, or evern companies that play MMORPGs for days and hours on end, collecting money, experience and items, and then sell them for real-world money. I assume the logic here is, if you already paying for a: the game and b: the right to play it, you might just as well pay for c: gold and items.

It's such an infallible logic that makes you understand why spam still thrives despite some technology moguls promises from 2 years ago. It would seem that people are dumb. Insanely so. You know all the SF stories about getting rid of all the mentally ill and ending up with a disfuncional world? Yep, we have reached that point.


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