Sunday, January 22, 2006

gmail has a bug. Period.

Recently some news have been popping up and down regarding a certain bug that Google's Gmail service has, that when someone is using a dot in his user name (sort of like and another user has the same username, minus the dot (, the email sent to the dotted client will arrive at the non-dotted one, or the other way around.
This has been supported by some and debunked by others. However, it's not a hoax.

I have several "sleeper" accounts with gmail, for reasons I don't even recall, each auto relaying messages to my main email account, and two of them using a dot in the user name as a separator between words, I've received emails sent to those two accounts which were obviously not sent to me. The "to" field in the email clearly showed that the emails were sent to the address, rather than to the

The oddest thing here, is that the whole "point as separator" concept was suggested by gmail as an alternative when your username was already taken. On the other hand, it might be that this bug was introduced recently. At any rate, I doubt it'll hang around for long, what with Google's army of programmers probably tearing their communal asses in fixing it. Only everything one reads about Google gives the impression they don't really care... We'll wait and see.


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