Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shock, Horror and Awe

According to, the Panda is a bear after all! Now that's disheartening. Or not. I'm too confused.

Speaking of shocking the news, the winner of the ChessVariants Pages "10-chess" contest has been announced, and it's not me. Not that surprising, as I didn't make it to the finals this year.

Also, regarding my previous post, found this at the Video Game Media Watch: The NYTimes offer the guide to Internet trolls, or how we here like to call them "The noisy kids who make a lot of rukus in forums and talkbacks and scare people like FiringSquad's Editor-In-Chief Jakub Wojnarowicz into writing self-discreting 'Disclaimers' about his lack of professionalism in fear of being called 'Fanboy' for having the audacity to make an opinion."


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