Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Everything you know is wrong

Apparently I'm not the only one who "doesn't get it". Ever misinterpreted an email or an IM for being the opposite of what it was. Child, you're not alone.
Although I rather be alone than going hunting with Dick Cheney. Let me guess, guns don't kill people, people do? Try to use that line again. While at it, if you do go hunting with the VP, make sure to bring this visual aide with you. Not that he needs a gun to kill you, mind, as you know, if there's a will, there's a way (although if Law & Order, CSI and the rest are correct, when you do write a will, don't tell anybody). (Thanks to BoingBoing for the links). Of course, it might be that he was checking for WMD on that guy

Speaking of will (nice connection, eat your heart, new journalism), here are the shining knights of will power, the Green Lanterns. Courtesy of Monitor Duty comes a nice recap of what is probably DC's more interesting (if somewhat ridiculously over-the-top) heroes. Of course, everyone has his favourite GL, and while that GL is usually one Hal Jordan, mine's actually Alan Scott and Guy Gardner. I got acquainted with Alan Scott by reading the All Star Squadron, and that got my attention. Especially the story where he demolishes entire Japanese villages in a blind rage. His breakdown at the end of that issue is one of my best memories from a Comic book.


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