Saturday, February 25, 2006

In and out of context

This post from OSNews quotes verbatim from the article it links to, and yet, in some magical way, manages to convey exactly the opposite:

"Yesterday, I got Qt running on top of the Glib main loop. By using the QAbstractEventDispatcher API, I was able to completely replace the entire event dispatching mechanism of a Qt 4 application with less than 600 lines of code. What does this mean?"

That was exactly my question when I read the extract. Amusingly enough, the writer is actually a QT developer, and he answers his question with "No integration" rather than "I've no fucking clue". Which is more or less my answer. And keep in mind, I have some minimal understanding of what he's referring to. I guess someone with even less understanding of programming would probably use many more expletives in his answer.


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