Friday, April 07, 2006

Aversion number

Anyone interested in the Mono project probably knows already that Mono's second cousin project, the IDE Mono "crashes while you write" develop just got the latest version out through the door. As the previous version was 0.9, one would expect this one will be 1.0, which is a cause for celebration. Funkily enough, it's 0.10.

If I were a Vulcan, this would be the moment I'd raise my eyebrows in total contempt of the erratic human race and stroll out of the room muttering "Illogical" under my goatee. To anyone who's eyes gone into cardiac arrest, or forgot his algebra, there is no difference between 0.10 and 0.1, which makes that number most definitely not applicable for the release that comes after 0.9. I won't fall into the trap of suggesting that the total contempt MonoDevelop' developers have for simple math may go a long way toward explaining why the actual product can't even carry its own weight (oh, wait, I just did), but it's really ridiculous.

(Update, turns out it's a version numbering convention. Oh well. Still don't like it)


At 07 April, 2006 12:58, Anonymous Uri said...

You can mutter all you like. This just happens to be the way version control numbers work in most revision control systems. The problem is that you're mis-reading the dot as a decimal. It isn't. It's a delimiter between the major version number and the minor version number, and it's even possible to have more than one dot in the number.


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