Thursday, June 22, 2006

Title me this

Found an excellent Warren Ellis interview considering the new Desolation Jones series he's writing, and about his collaboration with new artist, Danijel Zezelj. He gets pretty Warren Ellis in it, which is always good.

"What I'm looking forward to is actually forcing [Zezelj, E.S.] into space, seeing him use the wide, deep space and the mid-distance shot. His work appears very intense because he switches between hard close-ups and long shots, but there are very few instances I've seen where he's been given space to work in a landscape situation and really compose a master shot. That's where a lot of artists really find new ground. Bryan Hitch just burst out of his skin when he was given the space to work the mid-distance, reduce the size of the figures and emphasize the environment and the composition. I'm going to be interested in trying that with Danijel, using the Japanese trick of knocking the panel borders out to bleed to take out time-progression...

You're in a coma, aren't you?


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