Thursday, December 08, 2005

Links II: Attack of the links

Still with Clickable Culture, kids design video game bosses. I think one shouldn't mess with kids imaginations. I'm too scared to even go to that page and see what they designed. And it was made by a bunch of kids... designed by a kids commitee? Scary.

From The Website at the End of the Universe(Good thing I'm not a word count, that would've made the entire post): 9 people (3 of them actors) have been trained and "launched" in a fake shuttle. On the way back, I assume they'll collide with the fake atmosphere and blow up.

Honorary friend of the bear, Mr. Richard Cobbett esq. have put on a post about some MMOG blog he's working on. Reading the blog costs 15$ a month, and it will be published half-broken, with bug fixe... sorry, "Extra content" will be patched later.
So far there's no indication whether you can go "Leeroy Jenkins" on the blog.

The Borowitz Report: WAR IN IRAQ GOING WELL ON EARTH II. Of course, on Earth-X, Saddam has already conquered all Earth but Antarctica (Those Damn Penguins!). Why do I have the feeling the Crisis on Infinite Earths will still leave us with our version of things?

Via SlashDot: The term "Podcast" has been added to the New Oxford American Dictionary. I assume pwned and w00T are next. Only way it can compete with the n3w l33T 4m3r1c4n Dictionary.
Neural cells made of rats have been able to fly planes. Warning: Suggesting that your plane is already flying on rat brain may cause an unscheduled landing. Parachute not guaranteed.

That's it for this bunch. Whew. 600 to go.


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