Saturday, February 25, 2006

Create a kennel for your cat

Speaking of trying to put one system on top of another, using brute and unnecessary force if needed, Here's a short, yet uninspiring article from Mono creator Miguel De Icasa's blog regarding "Using Visual Studio to develop with Mono".
In a nutshell, Mono is a free, open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET development platform for GNU/Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Solaris, and MS Windows. By supporting all those different architectures/OS Mono's actually helping to resolve a paradox, with .NET being a cross-platform development platform which is only available for Windows.

Part of the whole Mono project is their dedicated IDE called MonoDevelop, available for the GNOME desktop environment, but can basically run on any GNU/Linux or Unix machine. But apparently there are some people who must run their Mono developing-ing on Windows. Naturally, one would assume they would be using .NET as their dev platform, but no. And while working on Windows, why not get the most of the pinnacle in the IDE crown, Mr. Visual "my-way-or-the-highway" Studio. (If you misunderstand my sarcasm, I'm not what you might call a VS fan).

Now, I'm all for freedom of choice, and if someone wants to do his Mono mojo on Windows using Visual studio, let im have it, and just hope he's not actually developing a Windows application, since the extreme mass of irony will probably rip a new one in the space-time continuum. Still it's nice to see De Icasa drooling all over the VS plugin, reminding us all that free software or not, GNU/Linux revolution or not, some out there still consider Microsoft to be the one to follow, rather than to shy away from.


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