Saturday, December 31, 2005

Awful indeed

It's Friday, so it's time for a new update on the SomethingAwful Friday's Photoshopping shenanigans.

In all honesty, it's a dissapointment. The theme "Movies and Games" is just screaming "you're going to like this one".
Imagine my surprise when I had to suffer all the way to the 7th page before I saw someting that came even close to making me smile and even that is probably only because I've always been a die hearted LucasArts fan (That's the old LucasArts (Not the new one (the one that releases endless crappy Star Wars games (but the ond one (with the amazing adventure games (and even some cool Star Wars games (anyone remember TIE Fighter? (or Dark Forces? now that's a great one))))))))
Some of them were really, really weird. Not in a funny way, mind you. For example, what's the point about "Wing Commander Keen"? I know what the joke is, but wasnt Wing Commander a movie based on a game? That's not a multi-layered joke, btw, it's just a pointless one.
They also botched a couple of other ones, the Oregon Trail one shows "To Oregon in 60 seconds". This doesn't really make sense, since there isn't any connection whatsoever between the 60 Seconds movie and the game. Unlike "Wing Commander Keen" which at least SHARE a word. There is no semantic or ideomatic connection either between the game and the movie. Not only that, but the mashed title dropped the "Trail" from Oregon Trail, which, along with the lack of actual in game footage, makes it a really hard reference to "get".
Another lost joke is the Sim City 3000 one. To those who don't get it by looking at the picture, it's supposed to be "SIN city 3000" as in Frank Miller's Sin City.
At any rate, you'll be the judge, I've been with the linking.


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