Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Auld RadioStation

Once upon a darker age in the chronicles of the net, was the era of "what am I listening". You could see it in IRC, on IM, WebJournals (later weblogs/blogs). It really expanded to let you know everything you ever (not) wished to know about the writer in the moment of writing. What mp3 they were listening to, their mood, the colour they were thinking of, you name it. I never could understand the need for anyone to announce what he/she is listening to. Which brings me to what I'm listening to now.
Seriously, the biggest thing about "X is listening to y.mp3" isn't really telling me much. I assume there are those who feel a warm cuddly feeling that someone in this world likes their music, or those who feel a deep hatred of anyone listeining to some band they dislike. I don't. In fact, unless it's your brother's band, and you have the only copy of their latest song, chances are someone in this world has this mp3, and someone else dislikes it. What I want to tell you is about LiveIreland, the ShoutCast radio station I'm listening to. It's not a CD, or an mp3, and I can't guarantee you'll like it or hate it, but if you do like Irish folk and pop music, you can take a listen, chances are I'm doing the same. Now that's Web 2.0 for you.


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