Friday, December 09, 2005

Anal-yze This

Found this survey via Kotaku.

"This is NOT a "professional" survey. It is at worst completely unscientific and poorly designed, but at best, worth a good laugh and some reflection." Hah! and you think we'll waste our precious time on this? (starts filling survey)
Starts quite nicely, before it hits you as a preverse method of some freak sycho's attempt to jerk off to the answers of his fellow(?) gamers. A close survey (no pun intended (and even if it was, it wasn't that hilarious to start with)) of the questions reveal that we are, indeed, dealing with a most disturbed mind. Please observe, your honor, the suggested answers to question number 4 (Why do you love to play video games?): escape from reality; more interesting than normal life (Then again, if your "normal life" revolves around composing under-graduate surveys that you describe as 'poorly designed', I can see why you want to escape to games); keeps me sane (no comment); pleasure and enjoyment (told you? pervert); gives me a rush (Yeech. You won't catch me using his controllers); makes me feel better when i'm pissed off (So does sinking puppies and stealing candy from babies, but you don't see me running an Internet survey on them, do you?); i love violence (Uh... right. And what's with the lowercase "i" anyway?); let's me show off how bad-ass I am (How old is this guy? 10?).
Whew. Moving on.
"Question 6: Name all gay characters you can from video games." Uh... Mario, Cliff Blezinsky, Voldo, and... What the hell is this?
The rest is just bad. I have no idea who wrote this, but guys? Game bloggers? Next time a depressive kid with questions about his sexuality wants to write a survey, DON'T LINK TO IT!
This has been served as a public message from A Blog of Very Little Brain.


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