Thursday, December 08, 2005


Saw this one at Alice's Wonderland about this weird wrestling game. The post commented something about the mask being creepy, but I had already clicked to go to the site thinking "a fighting game with a chick in some net-like suit" (I'm shallow, I know). To my surprise, the game has, apart from being occupied solely with scantly clad girls, a Panda.
One thing that has ultimate power over me (even more than scantly clad girls) is pandas in a game. In fact, it has been proven mathematically, that for me Panda in Game = Money out of Wallet. Thankfully there are'nt many games that do apply to this mathematically sound formula.
There was the infamous April 1st hoax (citing that Samurai Pandas are a new race of WarCraft III) over at Blizzard's site, of which the common reaction was "OK, funny joke, but can you PLEEEEZE make a Panda a real unit in the game?". The reaction was so phenomenal that Blizzard gave in (probably since their own developers couldn't stand not having a panda as well) and added this character to the WarCraft III expansion pack.
I believe the natuarl course of actions will probably lead to Blizzard's next game being made entirely of Pandas. I would be very happy to purchase the first copy (and probably every other copy I can find of it).


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