Sunday, January 01, 2006

Attack of the average height girls

Saw this one at I'm A Human Inbox.

It's a nice flash animation clip, with a weird story about a little rich girl who has all the toys in the world. The creator of this one (Katie Towel, aka "childrin r skary") is also responsible for a similarly designed flash movie about a little girl that no one loves.
Now, the movie is cute, the story is nice, but it isn't a very good one, especially since the twist is sold by the title, and feels a bit rushed. So what is it about it? The art is nice, the music's well done, and the narration.

Actually, this whole post is just to rationalise the fact that I've watched the whole thing twice in a row and a third time later, just because of the narrator. While her presentation makes it clear that she isn't a pro (not that there's anything wrong with that), her voice and her accent... Oh lord. If god is a woman, and if god speaks english, that must be the accent she's using. The thing is worth just listening to. I need a cigarette.


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