Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to the Machine

I know I'm not exactly the right person to discuss those issues, but I just noticed (via OSNews, who really should learn some moderation when it comes to announcing a change in the comment system) the announcement that Peter Quinn, CIO of the State of Massachusetts has just resigned. To anyone not in the loop, the whole mess began when Mass. state announced that they will adopt the Open Document format, instead of proprietary (read: Microsoft) formats. The usual suspects immediately raised their heads, as MS sued the state. Come several months, and a few lobbysts later, and not only did the state renounced its previous decision, but in fact, disavowed any connection to Open Document format.
"It is readily apparent that I have become a lightning rod with regard to any IT initiative. Even the smallest initiatives are being mitigated or stopped by some of the most unlikely and often uninformed parties," said Quinn in his resignation email.
I guess office talks around the water cooler have become a bit uneasy for Mr. Quinn.


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