Thursday, March 09, 2006

I fart in your art!

Just a quick one, Evil Avatar pointed to an article in 4 Colour Rebellion which pointed to an article in Joystiq about Shigero Miyamoto being Knighted in France along with 2 other game designers.

Of course Joystiq couldn't leave well enough alone, and I quote: "With several OBEs awarded in Britain to game developers, it seems that games are becoming recognised as art--enough to deserve national honours, at least"

And there you have it! In the same way Army generals are being knighted means that war is art, football managers knighted to mean that football is recognised as art, and scientists being knighted means that science is art.
Or in other words, I would love to know how did the cunning minds in Joystiq reach that conclusion. Industries key figures have been knighted in many fields, it mostly means they have contributed to their field, or industry, in a way that is either profitable, or honorable (or both) to the country, or in a way that is extremely remarkable (or just for good PR...). Knighting has nothing with being recognised as art, sorry.


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