Sunday, January 01, 2006

I link, therefore I am

SomethingAwful's Five Worst Gaming Articles of 2005. I think the title should go to whatever Mrs. Clinton is writing.

A ShoutWire collection:

Jesus Healed Using Cannabis. That is one way of looking at some of the stuff that happened there. It also would excuse the discrepencies in the four gospels as being caused by memory loss. Besides, we all know that Jesus Saves, but God makes Tape Backups.
Sometimes the actual article is a bit less "inspiring" than the title given to it by the linker. Enter "What is Google doing in 2005?". Even considering the fact that this was posted Dec 31, it's a bit of a stretch, don't you think? Just to be on the safe side, the actual article was "Year in Review".
Blogs about blogging. Next article will be the best list of blogs about blogging, I suppose. Then again, we already have a list of all the 2005 top ten lists. Who said Post-Modernism is dead.

Only 4% of Internet users use RSS. Just wait for the first porn site to use RSS to notify whenever their resident working girl finds a new bra to undress from, and that number'll jump to 95%.
Winner of the GIMP 10 years splash screen contest has been announced. The GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is one of the GNU/Linux flagships, along with OpenOffice and Firefox, being the closest there is to a Free Software answer to Adobe's Photoshop. So, of course, it just has to have a silly and very geeky name (i.e. the acronym's very solid and professional and all, but in the end it's still called "gimp"). Add insult to injury, the image itself looks, oh well, no nice way of saying it, amateurish. And it's not like the others were bad. Even this one's better. So, what is it? some inherent "I'm a loser, baby" method of thinking?
Moving on.
A new study shows that as of now, there are more American women online than American Men. This is indeed a break through, since until now, there were more American men pretending to be women than American women.


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