Monday, January 02, 2006

Media lesson

Before we start, take a look at this article.
The title is "Porn star arrested for raping boy". Now, that isn't a pleasant notion, granted, as "raped" and "boy" gives one immediate connotation of pedophilia.
However, boy in question is 15 year old runaway. Which brings the next question on everyone's mind, which is "why did she need to rape him?", after all, we'd all kill for a night with a porn star, wouldn't we? So what's the deal here anyway?

Let's have a quick look at the happenings here:
"The 20-year-old actress started dating the boy earlier this year. [when she moved to Oklahoma] the boy ran away from home to move in with them ... the group made a splash in the town of less than 300 ... "Some of the townspeople were (suspicious) ...

The sheriff's department ... had determined he was a runaway and sent him back to his family in California.

A warrant was soon issued for the arrest of the porn star after police learned she had plied the boy with marijuana and methamphetamines.

[She was] charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, rape by use of a controlled substance and transporting with the intent to engage in criminal activity."

OK, the whole Porn Star rapes boy takes a bit of different swing now, doesn't it? it's more of a "boy meets girl, boy run away to live with girl, girl do porn acting and use drugs, boy use drugs and have sex with girl" kind of story. And it's pretty obvious that it isn't a case of someone being raped then running to the cops, but of over "nosy" neighbours who were probably not too happy with the couple.
While I don't really know exactly the details of this fine affair, I can bet both my hands on the fact that both the sex and the drugs were voluntary on the kid's side. The rape charge is a given, as dictated by US laws (meaning that sex with a minor is rape, regardless of whether it is consented or not), but I would like to know where did the drug charge come from. Meaning, who is accusing the girl of giving the drugs to the kid, the police, or the kid himself. Again, it’s more or less a no crime (giving drugs to a minor, US laws, you got it already).

The only thing left unanswered here is how much of a "Porn Star" the girl really is. My money? Probably a couple of scenes on one of the lesser successful sites.


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