Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Don't bang the DRM

Excellent post from my homey at OneAndOneIs2 (BTW, kudos on the new site):
"Essentially, the GPL says "This code is copyright and you aren't allowed to use it, but we'll let you use it if you abide by these terms" - remove copyright, and the GPL is worthless.
So no, I can't agree that copyrights should be removed. The creator of a work should be granted ownership of that work. Sharing copyright music over P2P against the copyright owner's wishes is illegal, and it should be. If you're against that view, your'e against any intellectual creation being owned. You're even anti-GPL.

He then goes to sprecht about where did record companies fucked up on the whole mp3 biz, and that's really REALLY wrong with DRM. Check it out.


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